Cassellie Smart Bidet Toilet Seat Soft Close


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Cassellie Smart Bidet Toilet Seat Soft Close

This smart bidet seat is definitely a thing of the future! It has a dual nozzle and a massage control system built in! It also features a lifetime guarantee to give you that peice of mind when purchasing this product! Its features include:

  • Dual Nozzle (Adjustable)
  • Pulsating Massage Control
  • 2 Cleanse Modes (Front & Rear)
  • LED Light + Night Light
  • Deodorisation Feature
  • Multiple Air Dryer Tempratures
  • Adjustable Water Pressure Modes
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Auto And Manual Nozzle Cleaning Options
  • Full Automatic Cleansing Fuction
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Product Code: TSB003
  • Express Delivery Available (Call Us)

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