Can I collect my order: Yes, we are happy for collection of items from our Leeds showroom simply select it at the checkout in the delivery options section

I need return a product (Not Faulty): If you need to return a product please send us an email and we will reply back to where it needs to go. Please note goods that have been fitted will not be refunded due to health and safety.

I need to return a product (Faulty): If you need to return a faulty item please email us and we will either offer to help repair or replace the item if it is fitted. If it has not been fitted we will arrange to pick up the item for a refund when it comes back to us or offer a replacement. Please note each circumstance will be different and the above is a guideline only of what we may do.

My tap/shower is leaking once its fitted for the first time: This is a common occurrence when installing new brass ware, as when you switch your water on for the first time when the water passes through it often knock the cartridge out of place and debris builds up inside causing a leak. To fix this you have to take the cartridge or seals out underneath the handle and wash it in warm soapy water and re install it. This 99% of the time will fix the item and is something you DO NOT need a plumber to do.

My tap/shower is leaking after a while of it being fitted: As per the manufacturers instructions provided in the item box the cartridge/seals in your tap or shower need to be taken out every 6 months or so and washed in warm soapy water as debris builds up in the pipes overtime depending on the type of water in your area. For example if you live in a hard water area you will have to do this more often than if you lived in a soft water area.

**As mentioned you MUST do this maintenance to keep the warranty valid as per the manufacturers request**

Can you ship abroad: Yes we will ship abroad and to do this you must email us a list of the items you require and your full delivery address to enable us to get a delivery quote. If you live in an area which don't pay VAT we can accommodate this too.